Workforce & Economic Development Program

The Workforce and Economic Development (WED) program of the California Labor Federation serves as a statewide intermediary that promotes “prosperity-driven” workforce development and economic development practices, policies and programs.  WED’s presence across the entire state makes it uniquely situated to provide resources and technical assistance to the labor community and other stakeholders throughout California’s diverse regions and industries.

While California has the 5th largest economy in the world, almost one-in-five — of the state’s 40 million residents are considered poor.  A sustainable and resilient economic future for California and the country depends upon dynamic, innovation-led growth founded on investment in infrastructure and education which recognizes that investments in human and physical capital must do more than grow the economy; they must also expand opportunities, equity and shared prosperity for all workers, their families and communities.

WED works to build California’s high road economy, in part thru the creation of High Road Partnerships that bring together Industry (Business and Labor) with other stakeholders to advance job quality, equity and sustainability.  WED believes that high road partnerships are built upon sound principles: (1) Industry-Driven (business/labor), (2) Worker-Centered (worker voice), (3) Community Focused (advancing equity), and (4) Results Measured (outcomes matter).

WED partners with Employers, Local Workforce Development Boards, Central Labor Councils, Building and Construction Trades Councils, Local Unions, Community Colleges, Community-Based Organizations, and local and state Public Agencies to support good jobs and grow a skilled workforce in California.


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