About WED

Workforce and Economic Development

Workforce & Economic Development Program

The Workforce and Economic Development (WED) Program of the California Labor Federation serves as a statewide intermediary that promotes “prosperity-driven” workforce development and economic development practices, policies and programs.

The contribution of Labor is vital to the growth of California’s economy (through innovation), and the expansion of its middle class (through shared prosperity). Driven by policy, world-class research, innovation, investment, and skilled workers– California leads the nation in emerging sectors of economic growth but must continue to grow its skilled workforce to retain quality homegrown jobs and to accrue the benefits of economic development for the greater California community.

WED’s main objectives are to work with local labor affiliates and workforce partners:

• To save good jobs;
• To foster the creation of new, high-road jobs and career pathways for California workers;
• To help build a high-road focused California workforce system that is aligned with strategic investments in infrastructure and human capital; and
• To cultivate high road partnerships that bring labor in greater collaboration with California’s diverse community and result in greater access and equity in California’s prosperity.

California Labor Federation

The California Labor Federation is the largest statewide labor-affiliated organization in California made up of 1,200 unions representing 2.1 million workers in every major industry sector in the state.

The California Labor Federation is dedicated in promoting and defending the interests of working people and their families for the betterment of California’s communities. From legislative campaigns to grassroots organizing, our affiliates are actively engaged in every aspect of California’s economy and government.

To learn more about actions and labor news and updates, visit www.calaborfed.org